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  • In the upcoming campus rom-com Han Ji Hyun, despite difficulties at home, is a vibrant and optimistic freshman

In the upcoming campus rom-com Han Ji Hyun, despite difficulties at home, is a vibrant and optimistic freshman

“Cheer Up” (literal title) has previewed Han Ji Hyun’s new role that completely contrasts her last drama “The Penthouse“!

SBS’s “Cheer Up” is a new campus mystery rom-com about a college cheer squad whose glory days are long gone and is now on the verge of falling apart.

On September 8, SBS unveiled the first stills of Han Ji Hyun in “Cheer Up” as Do Hae Yi. The character is a rookie member of Yeonhee University’s cheer squad Theia who has a cheerful personality despite facing difficult circumstances at home. Do Hae Yi joins the cheering squad for money, but she learns of romance and love, which she considers to be a luxury, along the way.

In the new stills, Han Ji Hyun shines as Do Hae Yi, the campus energizer. Sporting her varsity jacket which is an absolute must for college students, Do Hae Yi is a stereotypically passionate and lively freshman as she strolls down the street. Her happy energy lasts through the evening as she picks up a night shift working at a convenience store.

Han Ji Hyun commented, “Although Do Hae Yi is a character who lives stubbornly as a 20-year-old breadwinner due to her difficult circumstances, in one part of her heart she nurtures her dreams while always living diligently in a bright and positive way. She’s a cool person who has the strength to boldly get through all difficulties she faces.”

In her past project “The Penthouse,” Han Ji Hyun portrayed the snarky and spoiled Joo Seok Kyung, who is completely opposite from Do Hae Yi. The actress shared, “If I showcased a more stylish and sharp image in ‘The Penthouse,’ in ‘Cheer Up,’ I plan to emphasize my character’s charms and showcase her bouncy and comfortable image. I think I’ll be showing a completely new image that I’ve never shown before so I’m really nervous and looking forward to it.”

Han Ji Hyun continued, “I prepared lots and have been diligently filming so I hope you will really look forward to and love this different image of mine. Thank you for waiting the long period of one year and I will work to show you an image of my steady growth. Please pay lots of attention to ‘Cheer Up’!”

“Cheer Up” premieres on October 3 at 10 p.m. KST.

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