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Singer BIBI Reveals If A Man’s Size Matters In The Bedroom

Kim Eana and singer BIBI of TVING’s Witch Hunt 2022 are making news after they answered the time-old question if the size of a man’s “endowment” mattered in the bedroom.

In episode 4 of TVING’s newly revamped talk show, a viewer wrote that she kept thinking of her ex-boyfriend due to her current boyfriend’s lackluster performances in bed.

MC Shin Dong Yup then asked the panelists what women found most important in a man’s package.

What is the most important thing about a man? Is it his girth, length, hardness, or time?

— Shin Dong Yup

To this, Kim Eana replied that, contrary to belief, length isn’t the most important.

It isn’t length. For women, it’s pretty uncomfortable. I’ve never met a woman who cared about the length. Length is what men care about. For me, I think it is girth.

— Kim Eana

BIBI also replied and agreed with Kim Eana, saying, according to her friends, girth was most important. The singer emphasized that these were her friends’ opinions.

When I talk to my friends about it, most say it is girth. That’s why they said when they talked about it.


Shin Dong Yup then slyly teased the singer, thanking her “friends” for their opinions.

Where would we be without our friends?

— Shin Dong Yup

TVING’s 2022 version of the classic talk show, Witch Hunt, is living up to the reputation of its predecessor. The show featuring Shin Dong Yup, Code Kunst, Kim Eana, and BIBI as panelists is making waves in the Korean entertainment industry for its honest discussions on topics revolving around sex, love, and friendships.


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