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Singer Baek Ji Young Reveals The Perks Of Being Married To Someone Handsome

Singer Baek Ji Young gave a rare shout-out to her husband, Jung Suk Won, recently while talking about her marriage.


In the August 29 episode of SBS‘s Same Bed Different Dreams, Baek Ji Young and comedian Kim Sook visited former K-Pop diva Lee Ji Hae‘s house.

On this day, Kim Sook, who is single, asked Lee Ji Hae and Baek Ji Young what traits they looked for in starting a relationship.

Lee Ji Hae answered cooly, stating she and Baek Ji Young looked for different traits in men.

I looked at personality, and unnie (Baek Ji Young) looked at their looks.

— Lee Ji Hae

Lee Ji Hae then revealed the fact that they looked for different traits in men is one of the reasons why they were close to this day.

That’s why we are still friends. Imagine if we liked the same guy. If I cared about a guy’s appearance when unnie does, too, we would fight over the same guy. But I look for personality, and she cares about their looks, so we never liked the same guy.

— Lee Ji Hae

When Lee Ji Hae’s husband, Moon Jae Wan, asked if they had never met a man who was both good-looking and had a good personality, Lee Ji Hae replied, “Those men don’t go for us.” To which Baek Ji Young objected.

No, I met someone like that, and I married him.

— Baek Ji Young

When later asked if she was to re-marry, would she continue to look for handsome men, she replied yes.

You know how they say your husband’s look isn’t everything? Well, it is for me. I guess it’s subjective, but there has to be something about him that is appealing to me.

— Baek Ji Young

Lee Ji Hae then asked, “When you live with a handsome man, are you happy every time you look at him?” To which Baek Ji Young replied, “Yes, definitely.”

Baek Ji Young is a singer beloved for her classic ballads, “I Won’t Love,” “Like Being Hit By A Bullet,” and  “The woman.” The singer  famously married her handsome husband, and actor Jung Suk Won in 2013. The couple made news for the couple’s nine years age difference.

Do you agree? What trait in a partner is most important to you?

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