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TWICE Hides A Special Message To ONCE At The End Of Their “Talk That Talk” Music Video

TWICE is officially back after releasing their 11th mini album Between 1 & 2, as well as the music video for their title track, “Talk That Talk.”


The song maintains TWICE’s signature charm while embracing a new sound for the group. The members’ vocals shine as they’re given lines that perfectly suit each of the members’ unique voices.

The members look incredible in their fashion looks ranging from the trending Y2K fashion, to spy fashion, to dreamy blue and white outfits with pearl accents.

In a recent interview, TWICE shared the special meaning behind the song and what they hoped to convey with its lyrics.

… the lyrics of “Talk that Talk” are about trying to get the other person to say everything on his/her mind, which relates to the theme of the music video, where TWICE undergoes the mission to make ONCE say “I LOVE YOU” to TWICE.

⁠— Jeongyeon

In addition to the meaningful lyrics, TWICE’s comeback is even more special as it’s their first Korean comeback since the members renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment. Leader Jihyo shared that the members themselves didn’t know all nine of them had renewed their contracts until just before their company made the official announcement.

The reason they all renewed is further proof of their love for ONCE. Jihyo said they were eager to share their contract renewal news with ONCE because their fans were the biggest reason they decided to renew.

We wanted to share this incredible news with our fans as soon as possible because our fans are the main reason why we all decided to renew our contracts with JYP.

⁠— Jihyo

There were special references and nods to their fans throughout the music video, including a message for ONCE at the end of the video. The final scene contained a QR code, which led to a sentimental throwback on TWICE’s official Instagram account.

The Instagram post linked was a post from November 3, 2015, the date TWICE officially gave their fandom the name “ONCE.” Along with a photo of the members was a touching caption filled with wordplay surrounding the word “once,” explaining the meaning behind the fandom name.

Our fans love the word “ONCE.” ONCE and TWICE. We feel like “ONCE” and “TWICE” go together like needle and thread. For all the support that we’ve received from ONCEs, even if it was only for once, we’re set on returning it twice as much. In life, making genuine connections—even the brief ones—is definitely rare. So we’re grateful for ONCEs who give us that kind of love. As TWICE, we’ll continue to work hard so that you can’t forget about us once you get to know us. ONCE & TWICE, let us be forever. We love you! ♡


The date of the fandom name announcement was also used as a passcode by member Jeongyeon in the music video as another secret meaning for ONCE.

The love TWICE has for ONCE is undeniable, and their touching hidden tribute to their fans is further proof.

Check out their new music video below!

Source: GRAMMY

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