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BLACKPINK’s Way Of Protecting Each Other When Faced With Busy Crowds At Incheon Airport Showcases Their True Bond

After spending so long training, performing, and living together, it isn’t surprising that BLACKPINK is more like family than just friends or members of the same idol group. Over the years, BLINKs have been treated to some of the cutest interactions, and it showcases how much the members care for each other.


The same thing was seen when BLACKPINK made their first OT4 appearance at Incheon Airport as they set off to perform at the upcoming VMAs.

Unsurprisingly, all of the members shocked everyone with their visuals and netizens couldn’t get enough of seeing all the members together.

Yet, along with their visuals, netizens cutely noticed that being together at the airport meant that there were some absolutely adorable interactions between the members. In particular, the BLACKPINK members proved how much they love each and ensure that they always care for the rest of the group.

In particular, this was on show after the members arrived at the airport. After over three years without seeing BLACKPINK together at the airport, it wasn’t surprising that there were huge crowds of fans and media waiting.

When the group started making their way through the big crowds, netizens noticed how the members immediately grabbed onto each other in pairs. Jisoo was seen holding onto Rosé‘s arm as they started walking through the busy airport.

Lisa also then made sure she had a hold of Jennie as the two idols followed the rest of their group.

As they continued through the airport, the members were inseparable and managed to greet fans and the media while staying close to each other. They might be used to the huge crowds but to see them using each other to feel safe showcases their close bond.

Linking arms also meant that they relied on each other when it came to their aegyo. At one point, Jisoo and Rosé did a heart together for the cameras.

Even when the members arrived in America, it seems like BLACKPINK once again proved why they are so close. When they were leaving JFK Airport, netizens noticed that when the group spotted the huge crowds outside, Lisa immediately grabbed Rosé’s hand to reassure her member.

No matter where they are, BLACKPINK will always ensure that the members are taken care of. After a few years of solo promotions and travel, the members have shown that the group is stronger together, and netizens can’t wait for even more adorable airport content in the future.

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Source: Newsen

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