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9 Hidden Easter Eggs In TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” Music Video

TWICE just released their new song called “Talk That Talk.” There were quite a few Easter eggs in the music video, so going frame by frame, here are 9 hidden details only true ONCEs were able to spot!

1. ONCE Planet and TWICE Planet

Dahyun and Chaeyoung seem to be closely monitoring a couple of places called “ONCE Planet” and “TWICE Planet!” Looks like they’re also keeping track of one of their fellow members, Pathfinder Nayeon! There’s also a code written backward on one of Chaeyoung’s screens which reads 151020. The meaning behind these numbers will be revealed in the next Easter egg!


2. 151020

Tzuyu catches a disc also labeled 151020, which refers to TWICE’s debut date, October 20, 2015! There are a few more of these codes in the music video to keep an eye out for.

3. Between ONCE and TWICE

Mina and Sana pose in front of a file labeled “Between ONCE & TWICE” which is a reference to their newest album, Between 1&2.

4. Nine lives

TWICE’s debut date makes another cameo, this time next to a candy bong, TWICE’s official light stick, and 9 hearts which symbolize all the members!

5. 170217

This time the code refers to TWICE’s first concert which happened on February 17, 2017.

6. 160505

Leader Jihyo slams a red button labeled “press start” which triggers another code, 160505, for the day TWICE received their first win, May 5, 2016.

7. Think ONCE Code TWICE

The music video also uses what looks like a broadcast interruption screen labeled “Think ONCE Code TWICE” as a transition.

8. 171014

We return to Dahyun with a new code, 171014, which is for TWICE’s first fan meeting with ONCEs called Once Begins which happened on October 14 and 15, 2017.

9. 151103

TWICE saved the most touching Easter egg for last. Jeongyeon enters code 151103 into a computer for the date TWICE officially named their fandom ONCE.

At the heart of every K-Pop idol and group is their fandom and TWICE made sure to let ONCE know that they will always be together.

Check out the music video of “Talk That Talk” below.

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