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KARD Breaks Down Their Misconceptions From Being A Mixed Gender Group And More

KARD is one of the few co-ed groups in K-Pop. While consisting of just two men and two women, they have unique energy unlike any else.


Yet, as groups are divided based on gender usually, being one of the few mixed groups comes with misconceptions and assumptions.

KARD broke down the misconceptions and told all about what it is really like for a co-ed group in the K-Pop industry in an exclusive interview with Koreaboo.

BM addressed both the advantages and disadvantages that may come with being a mixed-gender K-Pop group. He explained that as each member is unique in their own way, it is like a great collaboration with each comeback.

Well, I think the biggest advantages is the fact that you have so much color in one song, right? You have two girls who have completely different voices, two rappers who have completely different voices, and the way I like to look at it is having four really, really dope artists come together for one song. But that’s every album for us. So, I think that’s a big advantage we have.

— BM

Regarding disadvantages, the members felt that there are not many—or at least not enough—to prevent more co-ed groups from debuting. BM explained that with any group, it can be difficult to find a “good mix” to make a group.

It’s hard to find a good mix of particular girls and guys to be part of one group. So, that might be one reason why…

So, we all have different heights, body parts, and having to make a choreography look that much more in sync is a little bit more difficult for us. That’s another disadvantage.

— BM

What also is KARD’s advantage is their disadvantage. As everyone is unique and has different strengths, finding what suits them all at once can be difficult. Somin shared similar sentiments to BM.

This is something we, too, experienced. But certain songs we struggle with because our pitches are all different. Choreography-wise, it’s also difficult sometimes to find a middle ground that fits all four of us.

— Somin

For KARD, though, they see far more pros than cons as a group. So, despite any “disadvantages,” BM feels more should give co-ed groups a chance.

To me, besides that, people should try it more. I think it’s fun. I feel like there have been people after us that debuted, and they look good. They look good too. So, we encourage it, but as far as reasons why there shouldn’t be, we don’t see too much.

— BM

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a mixed gender group, many are concerned about the members potentially forming relationships, resulting in a scandal.

KARD, time and time again, proves this concern wrong as, like most K-Pop groups, they are more like siblings. So like any sibling relationship, they bicker but playfully!

Jiwoo claimed, “We don’t really have any beef…” Still, BM confessed that he can’t help but tease the others!

I feel like I bug the members sometimes when we’re on live and when we’re in a workspace, I don’t know why. I have like an itch or urge to just bug them.

— BM

If you have watched a live broadcast of KARD’s, you definitely know what BM is talking about. The members all get along well, but as with any brother, BM loves to have fun.

But besides that, nothing really. I think I just piss off the girls a lot.

— BM

And, of course, they all see the viral videos as much as we do! So, BM addressed his and Somin’s iconic “neck-slice” meme.

I think I run into that video twice a week on different platforms. I think it’s funny. I think it’s a good illustration of how we are off camera as well.

— BM

He added that he feels these viral clips from live broadcasts represent what KARD are like with each other in real life. Whether it is a concept or just a preconceived notion based on appearance, many may mistake KARD as being “dark,” but the members are so far from it.

It’s just who we are, we just like fooling around as people. I think a lot of people have this misconception that KARD is so DARK. KARD is so dark and so like… uh, you know… fierce. You know what I mean? It’s not like that with us. We’re very fun, we’re very… When we work, we work, but when we play, we definitely play.

— BM

Each member of KARD is definitely an expert in duality!

Currently, KARD are on their 2022 WILD KARD tour in North America.

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