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How The World Influenced KARD In Becoming The Unique Group They Are Today

KARD is one of the most unique groups in K-Pop, and not just because they are one of the few co-ed groups. The mixed-gender quartet has never been afraid to cross borders and explore musically.


K-Pop is beloved worldwide arguably because the genre is a fusion. KARD’s discography especially is an excellent representative of that as you will recognize rhythms made famous by the Caribbean.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, KARD opened up about their inspirations from around the world and their next exploration destination.

Currently, KARD are on their 2022 WILD KARD TOUR in North AmericaSo, they are getting to explore many cool places that way. Still, they stay busy.

So, when asked where they would like to visit on vacation, the members’ responses proved to be just as different from each other as one would expect. While BM loves Santorini, Jiwoo is a lover of the Netherland’s capital.

BM: Greece. Greece, for me. I’d like to go to Santorini.

Jiwoo: Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam.

BM also explained how other countries have influenced not only KARD but K-Pop in general. For KARD specifically, though, they take inspiration from Caribbean genres, especially reggaeton, also known as reggaetón and reguetón, which originates from Puerto Rico, and moombahton.

I think K-Pop itself is very highly influenced by a lot of countries. For us, in particular, there’s a lot of moombahton and reggaeton influence… We love it. Reggae as well. It’s such an upbeat … genre that really gets you moving.

— BM 

These genres are fusions, to begin with, too, as reggaeton is influenced by Jamaica’s reggae, dancehall, bomba, plena, hip hop, and panama, while moombahton consists of house music, afrobeat, dancehall, and reggaeton.

With such diverse genres inspiring KARD’s discography, it’s easy to find something to love as an international Hidden KARD.  BM added that he believes that the mix of genres in K-Pop is one of the reasons why it has become so beloved globally.

I think K-Pop, in general, is such a mix of so much different influences that could be one of the reasons why it’s popping off so hard globally, too, is what I think.

— BM

Moombahton and reggaeton definitely make KARD stand out, but that is not the end for the members’ music journey around the world. Jiwoo would like to explore rock, while BM would like to explore a wide array of genres.

I’d like to try a little bit of R&B. I think, mix that in. More pop. Some hip-hop, some rap, some hard-hitting rap songs… And, you know, I think sticking to moombahton and reggaeton is going to be one of our bigger focuses for the time that we go on as a group too.

— BM

Yet, KARD not only finds inspiration in the music of the Caribbean. While it’s not uncommon for K-Pop songs to be multilingual, primarily Korean and English, the KARD members are not afraid to also sing in Spanish.

Even recently, KARD covered an array of global hit songs, primarily Spanish. For example, they sang songs from Bad BunnyROSALÍA, KAROL G, etc.

They definitely are not afraid of singing in multiple languages. So, when asked what language they would like to try next, they agreed on French.

Jiwoo: French.

BM: French is good.

International Hidden KARDs certainly love the group, and the members’ respect and appreciation for the music and culture of the world is further proof that the feeling is mutual!

Currently, KARD are on their 2022 WILD KARD tour in North America.

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