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Zelo from B.A.P has signed with a new agency.

B.A.P’s Zelo has signed with a new agency!

Zelo has recently signed an exclusive contract with Uzu Rocks, a multi-channel content and media company.

Uzu Rocks will work with Zelo for his music promotions as a solo artist, as well as his content channels on TikTok and YouTube. The company aims to showcase Zelo’s down-to-earth charms through a variety of channels.

On August 17, the company’s CEO Park Joo Nam commented, “In addition to social media channel-making for Zelo, we plan to support Zelo so he can bring the most out of his musical abilities as a solo artist. Going beyond the Zelo that’s known as a former B.A.P member by the general public, Zelo will clearly engrave himself as a solo artist.”

Uzu Rocks has previously demonstrated their content-making skills through the management of social media accounts for Ji Suk JinJung Kyung HoLee Ji HyeDinDin, and many more top stars.

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