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Zico shares his experience to become a popular idol

On August 4, Zico and STAYC appeared as special guests on the radio show ‘2 O’Clock Escape Cult-Two Show.’

Zico appeared on the radio show and greeted fans after being discharged from mandatory military service back in May. During the show, the hosts received questions from listeners along with fans who attended the radio show in person.

One of the audience members who explained they are in middle school with hopes to debut as an idol asked STAYC for advice on how to become a popular idol singer. The STAYC members advised the audience member to work hard with tenacity.

The radio hosts then turned to Zico for his advice on becoming a popular idol artist.

Zico thought for a bit and gave the most honest answer possible, making everyone laugh.

Zico replied, “Um…you need to meet a good agency.” After hearing his answer, the STAYC members agreed by saying, “Oh~ that’s right, that’s right,” while everyone burst out in laughter for Zico’s blunt honesty.

Online users who came across the post strongly agreed with Zico as they responded, “I totally agree, lol,” “I definitely think a good agency makes or breaks the group depending on the work they do,” “This is sad but so true,” “Zico’s answer makes me think,” and “His answer makes me sad actually.”

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