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How To Glow 101: TWICE Mina’s Secret To Looking Refreshed And Healthy All The Time

What does it take for TWICE‘s Mina, one of the hottest global idols and the cosmetic brand SK-II‘s global ambassadors, to keep her skin looking refreshed and healthy all the time?


In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, the superstar shared all her skincare tips!

Leading third-generation K-Pop as a member of TWICE, Mina inevitably exposes her skin to a lot of makeup on a regular basis. Regardless, her skin glows. So what’s the secret to protecting her skin against heavy makeup, sweat, and harsh conditions?

Moisturization! I make sure I keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, before and after bed. If I have a special event the next day, I will also usually put on a face mask to make my skin condition better.

— Mina

In fact, all of TWICE members “swears by” moisturizing—according to Mina. Especially at night or over winter when the skin is prone to dryness, moisturization is key to looking as dazzling as TWICE!

Different seasons bring different challenges to the skin! I’d have to say the winter season can be quite challenging as my skin can get dry. My go-to tip would be to always moisturize! Everyone around me swears by it—even my makeup artists and other TWICE members!

— Mina

And, Mina tipped, SK-II’s PITERA Essence has been helping her stay moisturized and nourished on a daily basis. In fact, the essence—along with a few sheet masks—is her “must-pack” for when she’s away from home, on tours, and running between performances and events.

My daily skincare routine is not too complex actually! Every morning and night, after cleansing and toning my face, I pat the PITERA Essence into my skin. I enjoy this patting motion very much, it refreshes me! The PITERA Essence always rejuvenates my skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished.

[And] I always bring it along, [in addition to] a few sheet masks to keep my skin hydrated in between schedules!

— Mina

Since becoming SK-II’s ambassador, working the PITERA Essence into her skincare routine, and taking part of the brand’s latest “Late Night Portraits” campaign, Mina went through quite the transformation.

Not only did Mina’s skin condition improve overall, but also her mindset and outlook on skincare progressed as well!

I have really been enjoying how my skin both looks and feels soft and bouncy. My attitude towards skincare is changing. My goal is to really take better care of myself, and my skin. I realize it’s important to start consciously caring for my skin from now on to maintain a healthy skin condition.

Since partnering with SK-II, I have learned a lot more about the science of my skin and I am very glad that PITERA is here to take care of my skin. I also feel more assured that future MINA will be happy that I’m taking good care of my skin now.

— Mina

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