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MIRROR Ignites The Stage At “MIRROR WE ARE Live Concert” In Hong Kong

On July 25, 2022, trending boy group MIRROR completed their first concert at the iconic Hong Kong Coliseum, treating fans to fantastic never-before-seen performances!


MIRROR opened the show with three of their popular group songs, “Innerspace,” “Reflection,” and “All In One.”

Next, members Jer, Jeremy, Frankie, and Stanley got the crowd going, each performing a solo song before coming together for a collaboration.

Keung To treated fans to a performance of his latest single, “What The Work Says,” and Jer returned to the stage and got fans singing along to “Stellar Moments of Humankind.”

AK performed his solo songs “Venus Girl” and “Sin No Maki” with a band before Ian, playing the piano, joined him on stage for a duet.

Anson Lo took the stage next with his dancers, and the crowd went crazy as he sang and danced to his most recent hits, “King Kong” and “Mr. Stranger.”

Following Anson Lo’s performances, the concert switched gears as Frankie shared the story of his struggles while chasing his dreams, revealing that he once had to borrow money to make ends meet.

The rest of the group then joined Frankie on stage and sang “Endless,” a song about persevering through difficult times while chasing one’s dreams, followed by “12” and “Teammates.”

With Lokman on the drums, Tiger and Stanley on guitar, and Jer on bass, the quartet performed as a band for the first time. The members practiced a lot for this part and, judging by the crowd’s cheers, their hard work paid off!

Ian debuted the live version of his new song “Distance” and a newly-arranged version of his hit single “Breathing With You,” while Keung To performed “Spiegel im Spiegel” with Stanley and Tiger.

Edan, well-known to be quick-witted, was unfazed by the technical issues with his piano and mic when he tried to sing “Mr. E’s Series of Unfortunate Events.” He entertained the fans with a mini stand-up comedy show while staff worked on the issues and received huge applause!

Anson Lo surprised the crowd as he appeared on stage for a singing and piano duet with Edan. After performing “My Apple Pie,” the two transformed from stylish piano princes to energetic dancer-singers, capping off their part of the concert with a mix of their dance songs, “Elevator” and “Megahit.”

Before the whole group took the stage to close out the concert, AK, Lokman, and Alton, best friends and famous dancers even before their idol debut, showed off their unbeatable chemistry and dancing skills with incredible performances.

MIRROR finished the 3-hour concert with “BOSS,” “Ignited,” “We Are,” “One Second,” “Love Without Words,” and “One And All.”

The concert consists of 12 shows running from July 25 – 31 and August 2 – 6. The shows on July 30 – 31 and August 5 will be viewable online via paid live stream on MakeALive.com.

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