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Get Ready To Fall In Love With Paul Kim: The “Honey Voice” Behind Some Of The Most Iconic OSTs

The name Paul Kim might not be a familiar name if you hear it mentioned in the world of K-Pop. Yet, the Korean singer is definitely a household name and has made his mark singing some of the most iconic OSTs for K-Dramas, such as Hotel Del Luna, Love Playlist 2, and The King: Eternal Monarch.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo at HallyuPopFest in London, Paul Kim about everything his musical inspirations, pre-show rituals, and the impact of his OSTs.

After debuting in 2014, Paul Kim has written and sung music that ranges in genres. He has also had so much experience traveling as, although he was born in Korea, Paul Kim lived in New Zealand for five years for high school and studied in Japan for university.

You can pick up inspirations everywhere, like this moment [interview] right now. When something special happens, or your first or second experience, anything could be your story.

— Paul Kim

During the past few years, Paul Kim’s name has become synonymous with OSTs from some huge K-Dramas. Yet, when it comes to his favorite track, it was a tough challenge picking just one.

In the end, the idol picked the song “Every Day, Every Moment” from the SBS K-Drama Should We Kiss First?

It was an extremely special track for him because it was the track that got his name known to wider audiences, but it wasn’t something he expected when the track was released.

I didn’t expect it at all. When the song first came out, it didn’t even chart. I was sort of losing hope, and suddenly, it just happened. It was high on the charts, everyone was singing it, and lots of other K-Pop artists were covering it.

— Paul Kim

“Every Day, Every Moment” was covered by some of the biggest stars, including EXO member Chen, GOT7‘s Youngjae, and even actor Jung Hae In. When it came to picking his favorite, one of his picks was a cover from artist Gummy from back in 2019 on You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

That was really lovely and thought, ‘Wow, there could be a different understanding of the song.’

— Paul Kim

Although Paul Kim shares his love for fellow Korean idols and has collaborated with many, including Chungha, Heize, and even Red Velvet‘s Joy, the singer has his dream collaboration set for much bigger names.

I am a big fan of Harry Styles. I wouldn’t put myself in the situation to expect that would happen, but if it does happen, I would be so excited. I am also a huge fan of Sam Smith, and I sing to his songs all the time. I was also a huge fan of Michael Buble, and I used to sing his songs so much. I even went to a show of his in Korea.

— Paul Kim

As the interview was only hours before Paul Kim was set to take the stage at the OVO Arena, the singer shared his pre-show rituals.

I do a lot of lip trills and I try to jump and make myself really excited like, ‘Yeah, I’m about to go on stage.’ I try to make myself feel excited.

— Paul Kim

Yet, after so many years in the music industry and performing to fans, Paul Kim revealed that the way he gets excited about a show has changed over the years.

Before [in the past], I was trying to make myself really calm and sit down by doing meditation, ‘Just breathe in and breathe out.’ That made me feel more nervous, in a way. I think I was trying to get my nerves out, but it didn’t work. I think jumping and trying to get excited works better for me.

— Paul Kim

One of the ways Paul Kim energizes himself is through listening to music before shows. In particular, the singer shared his admiration for IU‘s songs along with Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s track INVU.

After being in the industry for nearly ten years, it seems like Paul Kim has only scratched the surface of success and is set to soar to popularity. Like everyone, Paul Kim shared his dreams for the upcoming year.

I definitely want to go overseas. Until this moment, I didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to sing to foreign fans and see how they reacted to it. I always thought K-ballads are kind of ‘boring’ compared to other [dance tracks].

— Paul Kim

Paul Kim’s music is nothing but honest and has a truly calming impact on everyone who listens to it. Yet, his personality is also charming and he isn’t afraid to flirt with his audiences and make them feel involved with his performances. He captured the hearts of London crowds and is set to make his mark internationally!

You can read more about Paul Kim at HallyuPopFest below.

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