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5 Things In K-Pop That Need To Stop Happening Right Now

While there are plenty of positives regarding K-Pop, there are also plenty of negative aspects as well. These negative aspects can stem from things like companies, netizens, or immature fans. Here are 5 things in K-Pop that need to stop happening right now.

1. Fanwars

Fanwars are one of the worst things about K-Pop, as some immature fans choose to engage in unnecessary battles with each other.

In reality, idols are quite friendly with each other and don’t look at each other as rivals. TWICE‘s Momo was captured having “Sour Candy” (BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga) on her playlist.

GOT7‘s BamBam also once spoke about how K-Pop is family.

2. Idols having to look a certain way

K-Pop companies can be quite strict when it comes to their idols, as they want them to look a certain way. One thing that a lot of idols have to go through is insane diets to get extremely thin. Many idols have spoken on some of the dangerous diets they’ve attempted in the past. TWICE’s Momo once ate nothing but ice cubes for 1 week straight.

A lot of idols have even spoken about some of the toxic Korean beauty standards.

3. Companies restricting idols

Companies can be quite controlling when it comes to their idols. Denise, who was a member of the girl group Secret Number, shared her support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Her company soon decided to deactivate her Instagram account, which angered fans.

Some K-Pop idols have even spoken on how they don’t like being restricted so much by their companies. iKON‘s Bobby once shared some of the restrictions YG Entertainment placed on him, such as needing permission to go out.

4. Idols getting criticized for everything by netizens 

Netizens seem to be critical of everything K-Pop idols do, even if it brings no harm to anyone. A netizen once even criticized DIA‘s Yebin for being friends with IU.

Did you know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a gift? Only popular people receive love from IU. Not you, Yebin… Get your head straight.. You look pathetic….

— @cookbook9595

Idols also get a tremendous amount of hate for dating, as netizens are quick to comment on how they are “hurting” their fans.

Even actors are constantly targeted by netizens. Actress Han So Hee was criticized by netizens for past photos of her smoking and having tattoos.

5. Idols getting overworked 

K-Pop idols work extremely hard for their fans, but sometimes companies push them too far. A lot of idols have been caught fainting in the past due to exhaustion.

Similar to this, companies also tend to mistreat their idols. One of the most famous cases is when B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for their unfair treatment towards the group, such as not paying the group properly.

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