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ONEUS Spill On The K-Pop Artists They Want To Collaborate With In The Future

ONEUS debuted back in 2019 and quickly cemented their status as performance kings. Like all idols, the members fell in love with K-Pop before they even started training and have grown up watching their senior groups bring K-Pop to the forefront of the world.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, ONEUS share how they are inspired by their senior artists and spill on who they would love to collaborate with in the future.

For Seoho, the inspiration for their performances and songs come from the people around them, whether it’s sunbaenims (senior artists) or those outside the industry. Leedo emphasized that his inspiration came from idols and watching their performances.

In particular, main dancer Hwanwoong revealed how he is always watching his senior artists all of the time to stay on top of K-Pop trends.

When I’m in the middle of promotions, I find inspiration from watching the sunbae-nims’ live performances. When I’m on hiatus, I take lessons from different instructors so that I can stay “trendy” and be on top of the changes [in the industry].

— Hwanwoong

With so much love and respect for their seniors, ONEUS had idols that they wanted to collaborate with and they revealed their picks.

As one of the group’s main vocalists, Keonhee chose IU as the artist he would love to collaborate with. Since debuting, Keonhee has never missed an opportunity to praise the female idol and has covered her songs on multiple occasions.

It would be great if I could work on a collaboration with IU sunbae-nim. I really like the sentimental lyrics that she writes. A lot of her songs have comforted me, too. I respect her a lot as an industry senior, so it would be an honor if I could have the opportunity. 

— Keonhee

Aside from Keonhee, it seems like the rest of the ONEUS members had similar answers on who they wanted to collaborate with, and it was much closer to home. There is no denying that RBW Entertainment is full of some very talented groups, including MAMAMOO, VROMANCE, ONEWE, and the newest girl group PURPLE KISS.

For Ravn, the unique character of the groups led him to choose MAMAMOO as the artist he wanted to collaborate with.

I would like to try collaborating with my labelmates MAMAMOO sunbae-nims. MAMAMOO and ONEUS both come with unique characteristics, so I believe there would be great synergy between the groups.

— Ravn

One group that is no stranger to ONEUS is their “brother” group ONEWE. Even before both groups debuted, ONEUS and ONEWE have treated fans to so much content, whether it’s variety shows, music videos, or even appearing at each other’s concerts.

With all of this history and love between the two groups, it isn’t surprising that Seoho chose ONEWE as the group he wanted to collaborate with. Aside from their chemistry, it was the group’s style of music that Seoho loved as he added, I like band music.”

The rest of the members seemed to have a similar mindset all wanting to collaborate with the artists from their own agency in any way possible, with Hwanwoong suggesting things like concerts, performances, reaction videos, and other creative content.

Considering that Xion has a literal family member in RBW, with his twin brother Dongmyeong in ONEWE, it isn’t surprising that a collaboration is appealing. In particular, the youngest member is thinking ahead to Christmas.

Actually, I’ve been dreaming of this since my trainee days, but I would love to work on a “RBW Family Carol” with all the artists from my agency! It would be great if the fans could enjoy listening to it in the winter months.

— Xion

ONEUS will undoubtedly be role models to so many junior idols, yet it hasn’t stopped them from appreciating other groups. Hopefully, it isn’t long before fans get an RBW concert and see both senior and junior groups performing together.

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