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Actress Go Eun Ah Hints At Being In A Relationship With Tennis Coach Song Bang Ho

Actress Go Eun Ah and tennis coach Song Bang Ho revealed a series of intimate photos of the two.

The pictures were uploaded onto Song Bang Ho’s Instagram, which he captioned, “Thank you for your interest ♥.”

In one of the pictures, the actress and tennis coach have their arms locked and leaning against one another.

Although the two did not confirm they were in a relationship, the actress and tennis coach had faced allegations they had been dating before. In May, reporter Baek Eun Young reported the two were a couple through her YouTube channel.

Anybody could see the two were in love.

— Reporter Baek Eun Young

At the time, the actress denied the rumors saying they were mere “Student and coach.”

On the June 18 episode of KBS2’s Diet, however, Go Eun Ah revealed she had an interest in Song Bang Ho, and she was set up on a date with the tennis coach.

On this day, Song Bang Ho confessed he was interested in the actress as well. When the actress asked the coach why he gave her candy, the coach confessed he had feelings for her.

I gave it to you because I like you…

— Song Bang Ho

When Go Eun Ah asked if it was alright to reach out to him privately, the coach followed up by asking if it was alright for him to contact her often.

Actress Go Eun Ah and Song Bang Ho first met through the variety show KBS’s Diet. The actress debuted in 2004 and initially enjoyed immense popularity.

Recently, the actress has rejuvenated her career after appearing on her brother Mir‘s YouTube channel. The actress’s career is enjoying a second wind, as she is beloved by many for her down-to-earth personality on her brother’s YouTube channel.

Source: Wikitree

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