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Hong Kong Drama “Into The Wild” Begins Filming

The crew of Hong Kong drama Into The Wild held a worship ceremony on June 12, 2022, marking the beginning of filming. A worship ceremony typically takes place at the beginning of large filming projects for good luck.

In the drama, Lee Pak, played by popular boy group MIRROR member Stanley Yau, grows up in a rural area while attending a school established by his father, played by actor Lawrence Cheng.

However, when it comes to his own career path, Lee Pak decides to leave the rural area that he grew up in and establish a tutoring center in the city with his best friend Ngan Ka Tung, played by MIRROR’s Frankie Chan.

Despite Lee Pak’s years of hard work, he eventually gets forced out of the tutoring center he built, due to a scandal. With no other options, he takes on the role of Assistant Principal at his father’s school. Unlike the tutoring center he built, the school consists of a run-down building, little-to-no facilities, and a non-standard teaching curriculum.

Lee Pak tackles various obstacles while working at the rural school, and in the end, he finally understands what his father has been preaching all these years — “living life is the best lesson in itself.”

“Into The Wild” is produced by entertainment company MakerVille for TV station ViuTV, both based in the city of Hong Kong.

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