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Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Goes Viral For His Met Gala Look… Except He Didn’t Attend

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute just hosted its annual Met Gala (also known as Met Ball) in New York City.

The star studded event was packed with celebs dressed to the theme of In America: An Anthology of Fashion, focusing on gilded glamour.

While many K-celebs attended, notably NCT‘s Johnny, many fans of other artists wondered what the event would be like if it included their faves… which of course prompted many fan edits. While many of these pictures were meme worthy, one post was so believable that it even had locals thinking Stray KidsHyunjin was attending the Met Gala.

Posed as a popular Met Gala update account, one fan posted that Hyunjin was getting ready for the event.

The tweet currently has over 39k likes and 11k retweets.

While fans recognized the pictures from his special dance performance video that he choreographed to “Play With Fire (Feat. Yacht Money)” by Sam Tinnesz

… some non-fans were convinced that he was totally on theme. Locals flocked to the tweet with comments such as, “who is he?” and “he’s so beautiful.”

One user was so interested that they even asked why there were no pictures taken of Hyunjin. Seemingly bored with this year’s looks, the user followed up with, “are they busy taking pictures of white people dressed up as shein models.” 

When the user realized the post was fake however, they weren’t less interested. Instead they listened to song recommendations from STAYs and even found themselves wondering who Lee Know was as well.

Similarly, fans know that if Hyunjin actually did attend the Met Gala he would surely attract many new fans.

Regardless, many fans are happy that Hyunjin is getting recognition for his good looks. It’s no surprise really, as he often goes viral on various platforms. Still, he totally deserves the attention.

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