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This Is What Happens When A Popular Illustrator Draws BTS Fan Art

Now we know there are some super talented fans that have created some amazing fan art, but what happens when a professional illustrator falls for BTS? Let’s find out!

An illustrator, who goes by the name DARR online, is famous for their illustrations for the Korean version of the Twilight series.

Looking at their illustrations, you can see they have a specific technique and style of drawing.

They also participated in the most recent series illustrations as well.

Recently, online community boards gained attention for this illustrator’s BTS fan art.

Their unique illustrating technique was used to recreate some amazing photos and moments from BTS.

The individual photos of the members were drawn so similarly to the actual photo, surprising fans.








Netizens were shocked at just how detailed their drawings were and could not stop praising their work.

  • “They draw so beautifully, truly ‘golden hands’.”
  • “They draw so well, golden hands.”
  • “Wow! Look at the details..I was shocked looking at RM’s nostrils…crazy detail.”
  • “Crazy they draw even better now.”
  • “This is crazy….so amazing.”
  • “It looks exactly the same.”

Well, I guess this is what happens when talent meets K-Pop idols!

Source: theqoo

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