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Taeyeon Hilariously Shares With Her Fans That She Has No Energy To Twerk

On January 4th, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon took to her Instagram page to communicate with her fans and to answer any questions they may have.

Taeyeon asked her fans to ask her any questions or to give any recommendations they may have, and fans really came through. Taeyeon shared some of the questions she received and we are living for all her responses. One of her fans suggested that Taeyeon watch the Netflix drama Sweet Home, to which Taeyeon answered that she already had.

The next suggestion for the Girls’ Generation member was that she try out the game Rollercoaster Tycoon.

A fan cutely asks Taeyeon for help to choose between a new phone or an iPad, to which Taeyeon doesn’t actually give an answer to, but shares her dilemma as well.

This next one isn’t a suggestion or question but more so a request given by a NCT fan. Taeyeon was pretty cool with it though.

This fan took one for the team by asking the question that everyone has been wanting an answer to! Taeyeon answered, however, by casually crushing everyone’s dreams.

We love an assertive fan who doesn’t beat around the bush. Again, Taeyeon shows off her chill nature by answering cooly.

Last, but definitely not least is our personal favorite suggestion. A fan suggested that Taeyeon twerk but her response has us rolling in laughter!

Oh Taeyeon, you never fail to make us laugh! Thank you for sharing these with your fans. If you want to see more of her posts or want to keep up with the girl group member, you can follow her Instagram page, @taeyeon_ss!

Source: Nate and theqoo

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