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BTS Exchange Words Of Blessing To One Another To Start Off The New Year

BTS took turns saying a few words to each other to bring in the New Year.

The group attended the 35th Golden Disc Awards and won the Daesang, the Bonsang in both the digital song and album divisions, as well as the Curaprox Golden Disc Most Popular Artist award.

During the backstage interview, the members took turns doing a New Year’s message relay.

Starting with J-Hope, he expressed his thanks to Jimin. “You worked hard in 2020. Because of our Jimin I was not lonely and was able to endure it all. Thank you for always making me laugh and I am hoping that you will give me happiness and laughter in 2021 as well.”

Jimin gave his message to the leader, “Because of you hyung, our members were able to grab a hold of ourselves and spend 2020 well. I am thankful to you always. It would be great if you could share some of your height with me in 2021.”

RM went on to say a few words to the youngest member, “This day is finally here Jungkook. It’s been 10 years…you’re the golden maknae aren’t you? It’s finally your day. You’re showing your nickname’s worth with your hair. I hope the New Year is full of gold like your name. Let’s be healthy and check it up this year together!”

Jungkook continued to the relay, “Our V hyung. When we were trainees we used to get along really well. It’s not that but you’re growing old and becoming more reliable. Thank you so much for working hard for all the schedules together. Let’s start the year off strong! Don’t get sick or hurt and lets all go somewhere and hang out altogether.”

V hoped to hear more of Jin’s songs in the new year. “Jin hyung, I listened to ‘Abyss’ and it made my heart sad. The song is really good. ARMYs and I hope to listen to more songs by you this year. I’m also sorry for speaking informally to you when playing games. I love you.”

Jin gave a few words as well. “Yoongi, do well. Work hard with your physical therapy too. Let keep doing well in the future too. Stay strong Yoongi”

Suga, looking a bit shy, gave a short yet sweet message, “Our J-Hope! You worked really hard in 2020. Let’s all not be sick this year and let’s all ‘fighting’!”

Watch the full backstage interview relay below!

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